Basic refill station

(Open source)

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Sustainable Refill Station

Dispense cleaning fluids into refillable bottles.

Fast, efficient electric pumping
Low energy consumption and small footprint. Can be flexibly positioned above a bulk fluid container. Avoids manual handling of bulk fluid containers above ground height.

Simple user interface
There's only one button for the customer, no bells no whistles. Hold to dispense fluid, release to stop pumping. Also includes flow rate control dial on side of unit.

We have a plan to open source
We plan to produce a high-quality product which represents good value. Our intent by open-sourcing is to set a global standard for easy, low-cost refilling.

Circular design
A substantial number of components in our design will be manufactured using recycled materials. This includes all the plastic parts manufactured by us. We are committed to the principle of right to repair and our modular design allows components to be replaced easily.
Sustainable Refill Station

Project status.



  • Electrical fill
  • Simple user interface
  • Fill any size container using the flexible tubing
Max container size 2 litres
Dispensing speed 500ml in 15s
Energy consumption 24 Watts when pumping, 3.5 Watts when idle
(equates to £0.0006 per minute of pumping)
Mass of unit 2.8 Kg
Dimensions 205 x 280 x 380 mm
Fluid types Capably handles 3500 centipoises